MAGA, a transformative journey towards redefining success and igniting greatness within.

Name: Make America Great Again

Symbol: MAGA

Total supply: 202,400,000,000,000

Address: 0x25D01B5b39E58843291586a5D8afdDf744BdEB13

MAGA (SOL) Address: ALe5WhLpdcg3qVcFiAEBor2PALFa5hwfCc55SccsxSiz

Name:Make America Great Again 2.0

Symbol:MAGA 2.0

Total supply:202,400,000,000,000

MAGA 2.0 Address:0x25b91B317cb95232D49C829e555c2Fe695598Ff7

About MAGA

Welcome to the world of MAGA, the meme coin that is set to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market! With a unique blend of patriotism, humor, and innovation, MAGA aims to bring back the glory days of America in the most unconventional and entertaining way possible.

At MAGA, we believe in the power of laughter and unity. Our mission is to create a digital currency that not only captures the spirit of making America great again but also brings people together through a shared sense of humor. By combining cutting-edge blockchain technology with hilarious memes, we aim to build a community that celebrates the American dream while embracing the absurdity of the internet culture.

MAGA Economy

Featuring a unique and mesmerizing tokenomics system, MAGA rewards holders with precious tokens as they journey through the crypto landscape. Holders will be able to unlock special features and bonuses, making every step of the journey exciting and rewarding.
Official Contract:

$BSC 0xce7742ADD7AdB909F30796Dce0CF342124ac7959


Buy Tax


Sell Tax


Total Supply


MAGA introduces a groundbreaking concept of "memetic wealth creation," where users can earn MAGA coins by creating, sharing, and engaging with hilarious memes related to American culture and politics. The more viral your memes go, the more MAGA coins you earn, allowing you to grow your digital wealth while spreading laughter across the nation.


Phase One

✅ Launch first version of the website
✅ Create all social channels
✅ Stealth launch of the $MAGAtoken
✅ Release our first utility (MAGA Bot)
- Initial caller groups and private lounges
- Grow the telegram to 500 members

Phase Two

- DEX update with logo and links
- List on CoinMarketCap
- List on various coin listing websites
- listing
- CoinGecko listing
- Grow telegram to 1,000 members

Phase Three

- Tier 1 call group collaborations
- Advertising banners on listing websites
- Meme competitions
- 1,000 holder celebration!
- List on MEXC Global

Phase Four

- Competition with MEXC Global
- Worldwide press release
- Update to website and socials
- Grow to a $10M marketcap!
- ByBit Exchange Listing
- ON/OFF ramp partner for easy purchase
- Updates to MAGA Bot

Phase Five

- Surpass $100M market cap
- $MAGAoffline PR / Billboards
- YouTuber Collaborations
- KuCoin Exchange Listing
- 2nd Utility announced
- Grow to 10,000 holders!

MAGA - The meme coin that brings the magic of Middle-earth to the crypto universe.

MAGA SOL Telegram
MAGA 2.0 ETH Telegram